Technology applied to training

Technology Offers Numerous Training Tools for Athletes

Octane-Fitness-exercise-equipment-employs-Nordic-Bluetooth-Smart-technology-to-deliver-analytics-and-training-programs-to-iOS-compatible-devicesIn today’s world, there are multitudes of innovative technological-based training tools available for athletes. In fact, it has been said that technology is revolutionizing the world of fitness – especially for athletes. The cutting-edge training tools are among the highest-rated training techniques because they are providing athletes with the competitive advantage that they need to reach their personal best and outshine their opponents in their specialty sport. If you are an athlete and are on the quest to stay up on par with the most elite in your sport, it is essential that you consider heavy investments in advanced-level technologies and cutting-edge systems. In this comprehensive guide, we will be outlining a few of the most popular technology-based training tools. If you are in the market for top-rated training techniques, continue reading.


Electronic Body Composition Monitors

41RdBBXDbfL._SX300_One of the most important aspects to athletic training is the constant monitoring of the body’s composition. This is considered to be an essential measurement of the health and the fitness level of the athlete in training. All athletes know and understand that body composition is a heavy factor that contributes either positively or negatively to sport performance. Body fat is a substance that is known to vary with age and gender. The amount of body fat that is considered to be “desirable” among athletes is based on the amount of energy that the individual has consumed, the training level, and the type of sport engaged in on a regular basis. Electronic body composition monitors are one of the most popular and least expensive of all technological training tools currently available to athletes. Athletes must simply input basic information and these monitors will evaluate the information and provide quick and accurate data pertaining to the body’s total composition and fat levels. If you are working to reduce fat levels and increase muscle mass, this is the tool for you!


Heart Rate Monitors

maxresdefaultIf you are an athlete searching for technological training tools that will help you optimize your training techniques, you know and understand that physical fitness is not just the amount of exercise that you get, but, that it is also the level of intensity that you experience while exercising. A heart rate monitor is designed to assist you in determining just how intense your fitness regimen is, overall. There are different types of heart rate monitors that are currently available. Many of these have only basic features, while others are extremely advanced. The two main types are those that utilize a chest-strap and those that are placed on the wrist during the workout. Below, we have outlined basic information about each of these types:


  • The heart rate monitors that utilize a chest-strap are dependent upon a wireless sensor that has the capability of detecting your pulse on an electronic basis. The information is then transmitted to a receiver that is worn on the wrist. This is considered to be the most accurate of heart rate monitors.
  • The monitors that measure heart rate that are worn on the wrist have an optical-based sensor that detects the body’s pulse. While considered to be accurate, they are not as accurate as the chest-strap models; however, athletes often opt for these due to increased comfort levels.


There are numerous features available on heart rate monitors. If you are an athlete that is in search of training tools to up your game, you should be aware of these features. As with any of the technological-based training tools, the more features it has, the better:


  • Sport Watch Features
  • Target Zones
  • Stopwatch Features
  • Recovery Mode
  • Calorie Counter
  • Digital Interface
  • Speed Monitor
  • Distance Monitor
  • Tethering
  • Transmitter Device
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Sport-Specific Tracking (Stroke Recognition for Swimmers, Steps Taken for Runners, etc.….)


Athletic Calorie Counters

If you are a competitive athlete, you know the detrimental impact of eating too few calories; that is, weakness, lack of energy, and fatigue. Healthy calories are imperative to your health and your performance. These types of calories are also crucial for increasing energy levels. Athletes should consumer up to 70% of the calories from carbohydrates, 15% from protein sources, and approximately 30% from fat. How does one keep up with all of this, though? That is simple; by using a calorie counter! This is one of the easiest, yet most beneficial, of all technological training tools available to athletes. Quite simply, it is a digital or electronic diet tracker that acts as a journaling tool for an athlete. It aids in counting calories, carbs, protein, fat, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and several other nutrients in the body. A calorie counter may be an added feature in another device – such as a heart rate monitor – or, may be sold as its own unit. Most look like watches or wrist bands; however, there are those that resemble a calculator, a small box, or an alarm clock. If you are seeking to increase your competitive edge, a calorie counter is one of the best training techniques and training tools to have in your possession!


Technological Innovation in the Gym

maxresdefault1If you are interested in discovering some of the most innovative of all technological-based training tools, you should visit your local gym. There is a vast array of innovation located there! Below, we have listed some of the most popular technological tools that you are likely to encounter at your local gym that will have you reaching new levels of physical fitness:


  • Recently, many gyms have been adding physical training rooms that have reduced oxygen levels. This is made possible by the collaboration of large air compressors and air tanks. It is believed that the low oxygen levels aid in improving physical fitness levels without having to dedicate a lot of time to exercising. Reduced exercise times also reduce the amount of strain on the body. Basically, the body is working harder, but, does the same amount of activity. This is often identified as “hypoxic training”.
  • Many gyms have incorporated the use of TRIGENICS®. This is a neurological-based muscle assessment system that is designed to treat and train the way that the brain communicates with the body. The purpose and intent of this level of technology is to increase strength, increase movement, and alleviate pain – instantly.
  • Many gyms are now incorporating the use of the anti-gravity treadmill. In addition to being observed in gyms, physical therapists also use this product in their facilities. Basically, this system reduces the body weight up to 80% while walking and/or running on the treadmill. This reduces the amount of strain on the body, while optimizing the physical fitness level.



Technology is now a part of many training tools that will assist in the development of an athlete. If you are an athlete, it is imperative that you consider training techniques and products that utilize technology. Not only will you find that you achieve your personal fitness goals more quickly, you will find that you possess a competitive edge that will allow you to overtake any component, successfully. While traditional workouts and training tools still offer numerous advantages, it is in your best interest to harness the power of the technological training tools that are currently available. In taking this step today, you are sure to have many successful tomorrows that include achieving your goals, winning at competitions, and being hailed for your optimal performances!

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