Importance of nutrition in a training program

Sports-NutritionWhen you dive into a new training program, it’s easy to focus on training and forget about a good nutrition plan. However, even if you’re constantly training, you’re not going to see the results you want without a good diet plan. You’ve probably heard the common phrase, “You are what you eat,” and there’s a lot of truth to that phrase. It’s impossible to train away a bad diet, so you need to focus on good nutrition and a great training program at the same time. Here’s a closer look at why a good nutrition plan is so important when you want to reach your training goals. Continue reading

How supplements fit in your programs

Health-SupplementsA healthy diet and good nutrition is a core element of any diet or weight loss program. It is critical that you pay close attention not only to the foods and drinks that you put into your body, but also that you consider any nutritional supplements that you may use carefully. Determine what you need and what you should use by the use of  USDA guidelines to help you to select good supplements. Continue reading

Technology applied to training

Technology Offers Numerous Training Tools for Athletes

Octane-Fitness-exercise-equipment-employs-Nordic-Bluetooth-Smart-technology-to-deliver-analytics-and-training-programs-to-iOS-compatible-devicesIn today’s world, there are multitudes of innovative technological-based training tools available for athletes. In fact, it has been said that technology is revolutionizing the world of fitness – especially for athletes. The cutting-edge training tools are among the highest-rated training techniques because they are providing athletes with the competitive advantage that they need to reach their personal best and outshine their opponents in their specialty sport. Continue reading